The Confluence of Admissions & Parenting

I have a high school freshman and sophomore at home. Well, they’re not home much with such busy schedules. And when they are home, they spend a LOT of time in their rooms, so I don’t even KNOW they’re home. Can anyone relate?

Anyway, a lot of people tell me it’s still early and they have a lot of time to think about their futures. But today they had a college and career day at school, and it put their future front and center.

I find myself with one foot in my professional world and the other foot in my personal life. With that first foot, I’m wading through the turbulent admissions landscape of changes to requirements, travel limitations, and demands for new and innovative communications. With the second foot, I’m tripping over test preparation, class registration, and career exploration for two teens who could not be more different in their approach or interests. Brings new meaning to walk a mile in their shoes.

A recap of the college and career day brought to you by a budding artist, a future engineer, and their anxious parent who interrogated them when they got home.

  • A familiar face!

Both kids recognized a local businesswoman who presented on her career, family business, and current MBA program. She graduated from their high school and knows how to command a room. It just so happens we play rec volleyball together. Community matters.

  • Friendly competition.

Another presenter selected 4 students (2 per team) for a little competition. Each team was given a paper diagram of a structure as well as piping and a measuring tape. The team that completed the project the fastest, won! The presenter used this to demonstrate the importance of leadership and teamwork within the workplace and discussed competence and basic skills for being a good employee. FYI- the GIRLS won!!

  • Takeaways from colleges:
1. Visit campus!
2. Post-graduation employment rate is important.
3. “Fun displays of pamphlets and these little cards to write my info.”
This made me laugh when my son described walking up to a table.
  • Advisory time.
    My freshman learned about her choices for next year’s classes in each core subject area. She needs to check in with some teachers about their recommendations for her. She has the option to take classes for college credit. Her current list of possible electives includes culinary arts, pottery, marketing, and painting, but she won’t have room for all of them!
  • ASVAB results.
    My sophomore learned about his ASVAB scores. He took a 90-question quiz that matched his strengths, interests, and ASVAB results to potential career options. He’s “investigative,” but he was quick to point out his “creativity” score that stems from performing arts and band.

Thank you to the high school counselors working with students like mine at every stage in their high school career. Coordinating class schedules, ensuring students fulfill graduation requirements, and giving advice even if/when they don’t take it; I applaud you.

To my fellow admission professionals, the future holds promise. It has to. My sophomore just asked when we can go to a large-scale college fair. He isn’t the only one ready to meet several schools in one place, ask questions, collect materials, and choose the schools he wants to visit and apply to.

I’m so pleased with the work our College Day/College Night committee and site coordinators have done to build the spring college fair schedule. I hope students put their best foot forward and walk right up to your table!

-Jaclyn Tungesvik (Iowa State University)
Iowa ACAC President

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