Iowa ACAC 2020-2021 College Day/College Night Registration Procedures

Registration for college fairs will open mid-July. This will allow the Executive Board to continue to monitor the ever-changing landscape as it relates to COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the guidelines set by the CDC, NACAC, and Iowa leadership. We will also continue to work with school leaders and college partners to develop a solution that balances meeting student needs and college planning access while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Costs for attending fairs, based on the number selected, are listed below. A $300 late fee will be added automatically to this amount after August 10. 2020. No registrations accepted after August 23, 2020.

In-State Institutions
2-5 fairs - $500
More than five (5) fairs - $550

Out-of-State Institutions
2-5 fairs - $650
More than 5 fairs - $750
One (1) fair - $250 (for in-state or out-of-state)
A late fee of $300 will be automatically applied beginning August 10, 2020.  
Not sure of coverage and territories? Fill out the form NOW, make changes later. 

Important Reminders Regarding College Day/College Night Registration and Programs:

  • The person who submits the online registration form is considered the Key Contact. The Key Contact is responsible for updating all staff membership information on the web site.

  • Site hosts will email all information to the person who is listed as the attending representative. If the attending representative transitions from your office between now and fall, it is the Key Contact's responsibility to unlink him/her from your online organizational profile and inform us at [email protected], so we can delete the name.

  • Complete the form for the FULL YEAR, not just fall.

  • Institutions/organizations who sign up for our fairs receive an institutional membership as part of the package. You do NOT have to submit a separate membership form. Please make sure any new staff members are aware of this, too, so they don’t unnecessarily sign up for membership.

  • Please review your boxes checked for fairs before submitting your form, so you know that you marked the fairs you should have marked. This will avoid showing up at a fair that isn't expecting you, or missing a fair that was.

  • As has always been the case, there is a copy of the registration submission housed under the online profile of the person who submits the form.

  • Institutions may only participate in programs originally contracted to attend. No exceptions will be made.

  • No provisions will be made for uninvited or unanticipated representatives.

  • Each institution must retain a copy of the signed contract and schedule for each representative who will represent the institution.

  • It is expected that all representatives will know and abide by the College Day/College Night Standards of Conduct for Representatives.

Iowa ACAC is switching to StriveScan for college fair scanning.

Iowa ACAC is pleased to announce we have partnered with StriveScan to bring their student barcode scanning technology to our college fairs starting this fall. StriveScan will make the experience more efficient and productive for students and colleges, plus provide Iowa ACAC and the fair organizers with valuable data about the events.

StriveScan is used at college fairs around the country, including by other NACAC affiliates including Illinois, Missouri, Great Plains, Rocky Mountain, Pacific Northwest, Western, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii ACACs, plus the Colleges That Change Lives, Jesuit Excellence Tour, Montana Post Secondary Educational Opportunities Council, and Linden Tours. More than 2,000 colleges have used StriveScan at hundreds of college fairs around the country and in 68 different countries.

More information is available under StriveScan Barcode Scanning.


Questions?  Please email [email protected] with any questions!