What Can We do For You?

Maybe you’re sick of hearing this by now, but I am here to tell you again anyway: Get involved with Iowa ACAC!  


When I first started in the admission world, I didn’t realize how passionate I would become about the world of higher education. The impact that we can have on the lives of the students that we interact with is something that is extremely unique and special. It is great to be surrounded by people that share that same passion, and that is a big part of what Iowa ACAC has done for me. I have gotten to know people from other institutions around Iowa that can relate to the same highs and lows of this job, and it has made a huge difference on the way I have approached my role as an admission counselor.

I have had the privilege of serving on the executive board as the chair of the Publications and Marketing Committee. I have learned and grown in so many ways by stepping into this world. I never would have guessed the opportunities and fun relationships that would stem from this! I also have a great group of professionals that are a part of my committee and are always willing to help out and serve. I asked each of them to share a little about why they chose to get involved.

I hope you take time to read what they had to share and get excited to connect with these people and more at the upcoming Iowa ACAC Conference in Iowa City!

Colleen Koppes, College and Career Coordinator, Dowling Catholic High School:

My reason for joining Iowa ACAC is the professional networking opportunities I am able to participate in with our college representatives across the state. I also appreciate being aware of the most up to date trends in college admissions thanks to all of the folks on the college side!

Jen Hacke Sass, Iowa State University:

My reason for joining was to learn about the profession as a whole, meet others, and learn new skills. Being involved in committees and on the board challenged me to learn new skills, and I made some great friends along the way!                         


Roger Lugo, Ellsworth Community College:

Like many others, the main reason for me to join Iowa ACAC was to learn more about the work we do at our schools and how we can benefit from each other. Also, meet new faces and learn anything new that would benefit my workplace.

Michael McCauley, Buena Vista University:

I decided to get involved for professional reasons. I wanted to expand my network connections and be able to put my communications skill to use in joining the Publications committee!


Thanks to everyone who makes this organization possible! I hope you encourage others in your office to get involved if they aren’t already

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