Greetings from the Month of Spring

March has always been that time of year for me where I start to feel a renewed sense of energy. Coming out of a heavy winter jacket and being able to feel comfortable once again being outside in a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt. Bringing back out the bike and feeling the warmth again as the  days begin to get longer! 

Now, “back to work” – ha! There are many ways to bring the warmth of spring into your office space. I wanted to share three I especially liked, according to Kellynan:

  1. Minimize the Clutter (clean up and clear out)
  2. Think Beyond the Cut Flowers (fill your space with live plants; succulents are low-care plants)
  3. Consider Acrylic to Lighten the (Visual) Load (see-through office pieces versus solid)

Perhaps some spring cleaning and some upgrades will make the rise of temperature and excitement for longer nights ahead enlighten your mood. Take some time to curate a space of warmth and comfort in your workspace, because, after all, you do spend a lot of time there, and you’ll have something comforting to come back to after being on the road for the current spring travel season as well!

As a second-year Admissions Counselor, March seems to be a pivotal time in the world of admissions. When those students who have been taking their time, weighing their options, are now finding their home for the next two-four years. The long haul of the Fall recruitment efforts coming full circle. I think that’s what I like best about this job - seeing the excitement of students when they find their place at their respective college.

In thinking more about it, the month of March means I think of the Irish holiday as well (not to mention my last name is extremely Irish, McCauley). One of the biggest ideals of the month of March is Saint Patrick’s Day. With that, I thought I’d list three ways to celebrate this fun holiday in the office, from the Vintage Circle blog:

  1. Tune into some classic Irish music
  2. Organize a Leprechaun adventure
  3. Have a St. Patrick’s Day themed lunch

Make the holiday a team-building day with the fun of Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. If you need, or want, other ideas go here.

There are emerging seniors that are hopeful to land their dream school. Maybe they are nervous they’ll pick the wrong one. We all know that there is no right or wrong answer, only an opportunity to find their greatest investment.

Hope you find your excitement with the decisions being made for the class of 2027, and the start of travel season and the recruitment cycle for the class of 2028 on the way! Happy March, enjoy all that the start of spring has to offer!

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