Top Ten Goals for Fall

I, like many of you I am guessing, both look forward to and dread fall at the same time! Miles of travel, hours at fairs and events, endless emails –  it’s hard to take time to enjoy the everyday pleasures of fall. But this year I’m making a goal to enjoy fall a bit more, and I hope you will, too!

  1. Attend every Iowa State home football game (or your team of choice!)
  2. Visit the apple orchard with my kiddo, even when the idea of sitting in the corn pool grosses me out. She loves it, so we’ll go!
  3. Remember to set my “out of office” reply when we have extra busy weeks at work so folks know I’ll get to their email eventually.
  4. Read 2 books for fun! My friend and fellow ISU staffer Denise Williams just wrote another Rom-com – “Do You Take This Man?” Shameless plug, she’s a fun author!
  5. Buy some new athletic shoes to wear at our events. Any recommendations??
  6. Carve a jack-0-lantern. I’m not good at it, but does that really matter??
  7. Try to check in with colleagues more often as the fall gets busy. Even an email, text, or Teams message with a funny gif.
  8. When I have a day where I’m at my computer for HOURS, I plan to take a 15 minute break to walk around campus and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.
  9. Keep up on Iowa ACAC and NACAC emails so I can stay current with what’s happening away from Iowa State.
  10. When December rolls around, I’ll try to look back and think “well, we not only survived but thrived this fall!”

(Jen, in green, has always been an active Iowa ACAC member...shown here at the 2008 conference.)

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