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How the City of Chicago is Feeding the American Dream

Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of the City of Chicago and former President Obama’s chief of staff, believes in the American Dream and the right to an affordable education. Because of this belief, he has assisted in the creation of the “Chicago Star Scholarship” program.

The terms of the program are this:  if a student at a public high school maintains a B average, the City will provide a free associate’s degree. Thereafter, to continue their education, if a student maintains a 3.0 GPA, while enrolled in a Chicago community college, they are eligible to receive subsidized tuition at 18 of the four-year colleges located in Chicago.

In the first three “experimental” years of this program, students enrolled in the program retained their higher education enrollment at 86 percent. The goal of the program is to add the community colleges to the nation’s school systems and rebuild the American middle-class pipeline.

Read more about the specifics and the outcomes of the “Chicago Star Scholarship” program.

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