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Does it Spark Joy?

Whether you’re new to the team or an admissions lifer, you probably have an excess of items in your office that you no longer need. Photo: BSGStudio

So maybe it’s time to clean! Here are 10 tips and tricks on how to apply Marie Kondo’s organization methods to your office/work space.

  1. Tackle the Full Tidy in One Day:  If you attempt to clean a small section of your office each day, you’ll soon have the earlier areas messy again before you ever finish the room.
  2. Clean off your Desk at the End of Every Day:  This is how you’ll know where things are located and reassure that they have a place in your office. Instead of having 5 piles to remember what to do the next day, make one small list to remind yourself of your priorities.
  3. Make Sure Everything has a Place:  Items should have a designated space. You can use labels to ensure you stay true to a place’s purpose and avoid tossing random papers in an open bin.
  4. Store Vertically:  Not only is this method a space saver, but it also makes items more visible.
  5. Clean by Category:  This can be similar to Marie’s clothing method – put it all in one place and sort into categories. Then sort what is important to keep and what is ready to release. Hold each item and ask “does this spark joy?” From a business standpoint, you can also ask: is this information still accurate or relevant? Does this information add value to my position or the people I supervise/assist? Is this information accessible in another location or format?
  6. It’s Okay to get Rid of Gifts & Cards:  But it’s also okay to keep some that hold a special sentiment. If you keep every thank you and holiday card you receive, you’ll lose the ones with true sentimental value in the shuffle and piles. Keep what sparks joy and recycle those which don’t.
  7. It’s also Okay to get Rid of “Freebies”:  This is admissions. We all have too many.
  8. Books aren’t Sacred:  Similar to cards, you won’t re-read them all, so keep those of the most importance and allow the others to be part of someone else’s life.
  9. More Storage isn’t the Solution:  Putting things away just creates the illusion that you’ve fixed your clutter, but it doesn’t actually solve it. Eventually all of your storage will be full. Instead, exercise your self-control more frequently by resisting the urge to keep things you don’t need.
  10. Reframe your Mind:  Tidying up is about what you’re keeping, not what you’re getting rid of.

Thank each item as you part with it, for in one way or another is impacted your life. So, I say “thank you” for considering these ideas for your own space, but now I must let you go.

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