How Well Do You Know Your Coworkers?

I’m sure we can all agree it’s been a weird year. Many of our offices have had to make adjustments that we never thought would be necessary, and we’ve all attended an excess of virtual events. But everything changed for people outside of the office as well.

So many people have taken up new hobbies and gained different skills that they maybe never thought possible. I personally was among the hordes of people that took up running to fill their extra free time. To be honest, I always thought people who ran for fun were a little crazy, but I guess desperate times turned me into one of those crazy people!

I was surprised by what having extra free time did to me, and I was curious if anyone else found an unexpected skillset this past year. I decided to check in with my fellow admission counselors, and I was really impressed with what some people are doing!

One of my coworkers is learning to make wine: “I have taken up wine making through this company called Brewsy. It’s a company that provides some of the ingredients to make wine and makes it easy for you.”

Another coworker has spent the extra free time watching different webinars to expand his horizons and learn new skills.

Others have taken up baking, learning tennis or practicing yoga as a way to relax.

I talk to my colleagues every day, but I still learned something new about each one of them. I’d encourage you to check in with your colleagues too - maybe people are trying things that would surprise you. It’s a great way to connect more with the people you work with and even get some ideas to try for yourself.

I’d love to hear from some of you about what you have learned through this past year!

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